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Payments Terms

What is the payment process?

Depending on how quickly you need your order to be processed and sent, we only accept payments via, T/T, bank wire transfer, wire transfers via Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, or via World Remit. Please be aware that we do not accept Escrow payments.

What are the terms of payment?

Orders between 500 and 1000 boxes must be paid in full up front. Orders exceeding 1000 boxes require a 30% deposit upon invoice to handle PRE-SHIPMENT EXPENSES (LOCAL LOADING, SGS CONTROL, )  20% upon receipt of all shipping documentation and 50% upon goods arrival.
– Cash on Delivery (COD) is also only accessible to customers who have previously purchased from us. regular customers, to put it another way. Please keep in mind that you do not qualify for COD if this is your first purchase from us.

-Letter of Credit (LC) is required for orders larger than 10 x 40 foot containers.
Pay on Sight. Before visiting our warehouse to finalise the transaction, the client must place an order and pay a 10% processing charge.

How quickly is my payment processed?

– Depending on the payment method you select, processing time may vary. Depending on the intermediary banks involved, the processing period for payments made via T/T or Bank Wire Transfer into our bank account can occasionally take up to 5 working days.
If you pay by wire transfer (Western Union), we’ll probably confirm the payments the same day, and once we do, your order will be executed. As soon as your payment has been processed, we will send you a confirmation email.

What can I do to prevent delays in the payment processing?

Bank intermediaries and bank transfers are two further factors that contribute to payment processing delays. In order for payments to be handled as quickly as possible, we have gone further and established accounts with the majority of major banks that have fast and dependable networks.
Please let us know which bank you plan to pay from when placing your order so we may provide you with the appropriate bank information to expedite the process. Use the reference number that is listed on your proforma invoice as well. Make sure to pay the proper amount, which should include any applicable shipping costs and VAT.
We always recommend using a wire transfer (Western Union) for minor transactions so that we can verify payments and complete orders as soon as feasible.

How do I cancel my order?

If you have not yet forwarded your payment, you can cancel your order by calling us. Orders, where no payment has been received, will be canceled automatically after 3 days. If you want to cancel your order and have already forwarded payment, we need to wait to receive payment before canceling your order and we will require your bank details to process your refund.

How soon after you receive my payment will you dispatch my order?

Processing your order typically takes 2 to 3 days after payment has been received and verified. Your order will be dispatched as soon as it has been processed, and all shipping documentation will be forwarded to your email and afterwards posted by DHL as originals so you may use them to clear your items at the destination port.

Can my shipping address be changed?

Yes, before and after your order ships, you can get in touch with us to change the mailing address. Depending on what the shippers will say, changing the address after the order has been delivered may result in additional shipping fees.

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