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PVC Credit Card Scrap

Production scrap (shredded & in octabins) ore on palets when its mis printing or over stock no lamination pure PVC 100% RIGID PVC No other plastic mix within!!

Pvc Window Profile Scrap

Description PVC155-PBA is the application for Pipe/Window materials, PVC scrap Material is White PVC pipe, PVC window profiles, PVC board

Steel Tire Wire Scrap

Packing & Loading: PACKING: In Bales or in Big Bag according to the shredding plant equipments LOADING: in 40′ HC containers (up to 27MT according to the plant)

Used Tyre Scrap

We load approx. 28 Mt in 40’FT container. Our shreded tires are mixed with cars. Shreded Tires are loaded in bulk . When container open then they can easily be loaded on the truck. 1 BALE= APPROXIMATE 1 MT PLUS MINUS. 1 BALE CONTAINS AROUND 100 TIRES BALED PRESSED TOGETHER COMING FROM CARS, SUVS AND SMALL TRUCKS. NO OTR TIRES. PACKING: 26 Tons on a 40′, total 26 MT per 40

Washed PET Bottle Flakes

Packaging: In Bales 50X50X80 cm at 80 Kg/Bale. Flakes washed or unwashed in 50 Kg used PP bags, 25 Mt. in each 40′ HQ Container.25 / 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000kg per bag or PP woven bag or paper bag.

Waste Paper Scraps

We are sourcing and engaged in distribution of premium quality products both home and abroad. We delight ourselves in Efficient, Reliable and Prompt export and delivery services to all Buyers. Our greatest dream is to expand our market worldwide and because of that,we work day and night in order to provide our clients with the best which is our number one priority.

Waste Pu Foam Scrap

Rebond Foam Scrap: AAA grade pu foam scrap in bales Preferred density range : 15 to  25 kg/m3 Clean & dry unused off-cuts: 100% pu foam scrap color: mixed scrap Foam Skins: none Re-bonded Foam: none Bare Skins: none Ester-type Foam: none Hydrophilic Foam: none Laminated Fabric / Foam: none Laminiated vinyl / Pvc / Foam: none Reticulated Foam: none Visco-elastic Foam: none Foreign Matter/ Contamination: none Factory Sweepings: none

White Shredded Paper Scrap

Packaging: 25/28 tons in 40 Feet Container – 36 bales in each Container

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BALES (1.2-1.4 TONS/ BALE); 25 Tons in 40 Feet Container – 40 bales in each Container.

Zinc Ingots

USAGE: Mainly used for die-casting alloy battery industry 2. Widely used in Painting/ Printing/Dyeing/pharmaceutical/rubber 1. Brand Name: zinc ingot 2. Zn (Min): 99.995% 3. Quantity: In Multiples of 25 MT 4. Quantity Tolerance There are five types of zinc ingot ( Zn99.995 Zn99.99 Zn99.95 Zn99.5 Zn98.7 ) Form: ingot ingot: 1 unit Commonly 25 KGS, other sizes available Application: 1. Mainly used for die-casting alloy battery industry.